Ralph Henley

Director of Production

“Ralph Henley has been a superior choice to assist me in the publication of my little book. He has been an invaluable help throughout the process of bringing my dream to reality.” – Elizabeth Kirby, author of Bound, But Unshackled

Looking for who to call with those questions first time authors have who are going the indie publishing route? Ralph’s your guy, actually he is our guy, but we share him. Having managed the illustrious career of his hybrid-author wife (young adult and children’s author) Karyn Henley for more than two decades and years before everybody knew Jeff Bezo’s name, he was on the front lines of indie publishing. He’s the one who handles the business end from layout to securing ISBNs to creating ebooks and posting new books to online retailers, with a patient sense of humor and a thoroughness to detail that makes him a favorite.