Marissa DeCuir


“With Marissa, I knew from the moment we met that I was in good hands. She definitely has my best interest in mind. I love how she thinks outside the box to come up with ideas that will make me successful. She values her clients and loves what she does.”
– S.B. Alexander, author of Dare to Kiss and other Maxwell Series books

Born into a family that owns newspapers, Marissa is a journalist at heart who is both realistic about what is possible and always looking for the best news hook in each publicity campaign. Formerly serving as journalism supervisor of one of the top print editors in the United States and writing for USA Today and Gannett newspapers, as well as National Geographic and other major publications, she understands how the media works and what reporters want. Marissa is both respected and adored by clients for her always encouraging and can-do approach. Our clients – publishing house executives, and traditionally and indie published authors – thrive on her warmth, as well as her grasp of details of their campaigns. She is the first and final voice on all JKS matters – presiding over all aspects of our publicity campaigns, including media and book tours, video development, social networking, production and creative planning, as well as business decisions. Her day to day leadership is what gives JKS the cover to cover reputation as the industry’s trailblazer in literary publicity.