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NASHVILLE, TN – Nashville native, and nutrition expert Tiffany Breeding, PhD, tells the story of her journey to optimal fitness, nutrition and mental toughness in her new book, The Metabolic Makeover: 8 Weeks to Macro Mastery.

Breeding was a competitive athlete in high school and never had that “girlish” figure that she wanted; she was always working out and conscious of her weight, but got away with eating what she wanted. As her life and training load changed, as well as the social world of college and real life, she realized for the first time she could not manage her weight just like she once could. Something needed to change. So she went to coaches and nutritionists to get help. Soon after, she and her husband, Stew, moved home to Nashville to open their own performance and nutrition studio. She focused on teaching clients how to maintain a healthy relationship with food by understanding the importance of macronutrients, balance and a positive mindset.

In her debut title, Breeding hopes to help her readers find the long term, sustainable path to healthy eating and living. Her book will interest anyone who may feel stuck in their dieting process or just wants to learn the science behind metabolism and how to apply these principles to daily life. Breeding writes about setting effective and specific goals that can be measured and achievable while staying within a realistic time frame. This will help her readers to stay encouraged and positive in their own personal performance journeys.

Tiffany Breeding, AKA Dr. Tiff earned her Masters in Kinesiology/Performance Psychology from Georgia Southern (’05) and her PhD in Health and Human Performance from Middle Tennessee State (’08). Breeding is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and Fitness Nutrition Specialist (NASM). For the past 7 years, Tiffany has been providing corporate and executive performance to clients through worksite and employee wellness programming. She uses her unique combination of mental and physical performance training to offer clients nutrition counseling, metabolic restoration and performance coaching. For more information, visit Tiffany Breeding at



“The Metabolic Makeover: 8 Weeks to Macro Mastery”
Tiffany Breeding | January 4, 2019 | Get Focused Media
Paperback: 978-1732525603 | $19.99
Kindle: B07GZ3CJZV | $9.99







In an interview, Tiffany Breeding can discuss

  • How to implement the Metabolic Makeover to her Southern roots where barbeque, beer, and butter are the staple food groups
  • The importance of connecting body and mind to incorporate psychological with physical health
  • What makes The Metabolic Makeover different from other fads and quick fix diet plans
  • Good holiday health habits
  • How your training plan could be sabotaging your fat loss goals
  • Why following a nutrition plan that focuses on Macro nutrients (carb, fat and protein) vs. just calories will always prove more effective


BreedingAuthorPhotoAn Interview with Tiffany Breeding

What makes your approach different from other fad/quick fix diet plans?
Well, number 1… it is not a diet. Diets, on average, fail. The reason they fail for so many is because they ask people to restrict and deny, and effectively change so much of their lives to adhere to a plan. Food becomes “off limits”, and this feeling of can’t, won’t, shouldn’t creates resentment and a desire to rebel. What I want to do is to educate and empower my clients. To help them understand that having a slice of pizza, or a cupcake at your kiddos’ birthday party will NOT make or break your long term success. You have to learn to find balance not only in your day and in each meal, but in your approach to weight management as a whole. My approach is slow, it is personalized. It is not the biggest loser, but it creates ownership and appreciation for the process. TRUST THE PROCESS…don’t focus solely on the outcomes, that will take care of itself.

How did you get your start in the nutrition and fitness industry? What has that journey been like?
The fitness piece started as soon as I could walk. My mom tells me stories about dressing me in white appliqued dresses to go to the little league park with my brother because all I wanted to do was run around in the dirt…and at least she could just bleach the whites! So fitness for me is an inherent passion. I was very competitive early on, and I was very athletic so I was drawn to sports and physical activity. This has really steered my educational and professional path into my Sport Psychology, Exercise Science and fitness business. The nutrition came a little later in my professional life. Because of my training load, I could really get away with eating less than ideal. We would go to McDonalds after soccer tournaments. Quarter Pounder, Fries…Pasta Friday nights, chocolate chip pancakes before school. That was not unusual. But, things change. You get older, you stop training 2-3 hours a day, you start socializing and doing the college party thing. So, I had to start to learn how to complement my training with proper nutrition. This really sparked my passion for food, for how food fuels the metabolism, and how the quality of that food dictates the performance of your body and your mind. The journey has been full of “Aha” moments. Frustrations around why I could not manipulate my body the way I wanted and the growth in starting to understand the science behind metabolism and weight management. It has been an AWESOME ride.

In The Metabolic Makeover, you talk about the difference between fat loss and weight loss. What are the differences between the two and how can readers approach each?
Our body weight is made up of three main components: body fat mass, dry lean mass (bone, organs, tissue), and water. Our metabolism is driven by the amount of lean mass we have. So, if we just focus on losing weight, and do not consider whether that weight is Fat or Lean Mass then we could essentially be putting our metabolic capacity and our bodies engine at risk. My goal for every client interested in losing mass is to help them maintain their muscle and maintain adequate hydration, bone density, and target body fat such that they can achieve a healthy muscle to fat ratio (more muscle, less excess fat), and thus we can keep their metabolic rate as high as possible for long term success.

What is metabolic damage? Is it real?
There is such a thing as metabolic adaptation, or metabolic suppression. This is when someone restricts calories for an extended period of time, essentially putting their body in survival mode. In order to provide essential energy to organs like the heart and lungs, the body down regulates, or slows down so that it can function on less and less energy (Food)…so, essentially when you diet, or are denied food for any number of reasons for a long time your metabolism does adapt. Some may call this damage, but the metabolism is a fighter! It will rebound, it will readapt when you start feeding it again. Unfortunately for a lot of yo yo dieters who jump back up to pre diet calories too quickly, they do not let the metabolism catch up…so they are eating well above the diet calories but the metabolism has not rebounded just yet. And the result? Weight regain.

What is it like managing a studio with your husband by your side? Is it what you had expected?
It is nothing but roses and butterflies every day…ok, I am lying. It certainly can be hard, we have our challenges in agreeing on marketing ideas, on finances at times, on sharing the checklist, but to be able to get up every morning with my best friend, ride to work together, dream and conceptualize, share client successes and have hundreds of family members come hang out at our little oasis every day. It’s pretty incredible.

The book is very interactive, with pages for readers to write and brainstorm and make lists on. What advice do you have for readers who finish the book and want to continue on this metabolic journey?
Give me a shout! No really…even if not me, find a coach you trust and agree with philosophically. This book is meant to be a guide. But it will never replace a coaches ability to know YOU, and adapt, provide feedback, real time suggestions and adjustments. I hope people will pick this up off the shelf and achieve amazing results without me. But, the support and accountability of having someone to stand by you and cheer for you will never be replaced by an app, a book, an online program. I truly believe part of the problem with the fitness and nutrition industry is that everyone is trying to turn it into a widget, and it just isn’t that simple.