Not every author needs a full-service publicity campaign. Here are some individual services we offer.

Electronic Press Kits

Our team will write content for and design a media-friendly package on an author and his or her new book that the author can use in coordinating coverage with interested media, scheduling events and querying agents and publishers.

In a more expansive publicity campaign, the JKS team would use the press release portion of the media kit to run on the news wire, and in all media and event pitching.

Electronic Book Distribution

JKS will set up distribution of electronic review copies of an author’s book in a way safe from internet pirating.

In a more expansive campaign, JKS would use the electronic review listing to further reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, book blogs and social media.

Amazon & Goodreads Optimization

JKS will create or update author profiles and book pages in a way to get them better noticed online, as well as conduct promotional giveaways and increase reviews.

In a more expansive campaign, JKS would work with an author’s street team in taking this one step further.

Social Media Management

JKS will work with the author to find their right voice and messaging to share through social media communications.

In a more expansive campaign, JKS would incorporate other aspects of our action plan into promotions on social media.


Our team will build a targeted advertising plan based on the author’s budget and the book’s genre and messaging. Target outlets could include book blogs, industry sites, mainstream news media and broadcast programming.

In a more expansive campaign, JKS will coordinate advertising plans with media and event pitching to maximize potential.

Literary Awards

JKS will submit an author’s book for various genre-specific awards that garner recognition and praise from the industry.

In a more expansive campaign, JKS would alert an author’s local media of any award wins and help indie authors get an award sticker on their book cover.

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