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Dr. Rachel Kowert investigates the science of how video games affect children in ‘A Parent’s Guide to Video Games’

The world of video games can be a treacherous place for many parents. Always in…

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Book Pop Kapow

6 Tips to Make You and Your Books Stand Out!

In the tsunami of books being published, what are some things you can do to…

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5 Steps to Amazon Search Engine Optimization

How do people search for books? Maybe you used to go to your local Borders…

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Publishing is Personal

I was recently at a conference where one of the other speakers, an author with…

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G.I.V.E. — Four Questions to Define Your Social Media Presence

I go to a lot of author events, and both there and among aspiring authors,…

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Enter the Siren’s Song Fan Art and Cosplay Contest!

YA fantasy author Mary Weber just released the explosive finale to her bestselling Storm Siren Trilogy, Siren’s…

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I Made A Twitter Account…Now What?

Twitter, (social media in general), is an opportunity to interact with the world in 140…

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How authors should be using Instagram

Should YOU be using Instagram?

With over 300 million users a month, it’s hard to see the downside to using…