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Tips To Make Your Book a Bestseller

Recently, the publishing world has been in a tizzy about the “fixing of the lists”…

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Best Seller Books

Writing a Book vs. Desiring to Sell Copies

With the explosion of indie publishing and self-publishing, there’s a conundrum that was avoided through…

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Book Pop Kapow

6 Tips to Make You and Your Books Stand Out!

In the tsunami of books being published, what are some things you can do to…

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Indie romance author Blue Saffire reaching incredible success with multiple interracial romance series

NEW YORK CITY – In just over a year since romance author Blue Saffire began…

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Villains: You Have to Love Them (at least a little) to Make Them Engrossing

We thriller writers are consumed with creating the perfect villain, but as we all know…

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5 Steps to Amazon Search Engine Optimization

How do people search for books? Maybe you used to go to your local Borders…

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Publishing is Personal

I was recently at a conference where one of the other speakers, an author with…

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From Revealing to Concealing

All through college and graduate school, my professors taught me to start with a strong…

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JKS Celebrates 9 Books on the 2016 Beverly Hills Book Awards List

The International Beverly Hills Book Awards ® contest recognizes the best in fiction and non-fiction…

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How Many Books Should I Print?

This morning, a lovely author from Greece and I spoke for over an hour.  During…