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book tour

What’s Old is New Again: Book Tours in the 21st Century

When I proposed going on the world’s longest book tour to my publisher, they kindly…

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Saying “Everyone” Will Love Your Book is Actually Hurting Your Readership

There are three cringe-worthy statements when authors explain “who” will read their book: “My book…

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What (Not) To Wear for a TV Interview

Have you ever watched an interview on television and couldn’t help but feel that something…

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Hand holding a megaphone

2016 JKS Communications Authors-in-Residence Announced!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Suspense novelist Jenny Milchman, YA author Martina Boone named 2016 JKS Communications…

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Conversations on the Art of Writing Fiction

IRONY IS NOT DEAD. Not long ago, a friend of mine was reading a manuscript…

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My Family Christmas Traditions

My family only has a couple of hard and fast traditions at Christmastime, but they…