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Author Andrew Rowen retells the history of Columbus’ voyage with Native American voice in compelling new novel “Encounters Unforeseen: 1492 Retold” offers fresh, bicultural perspective written at the 525th anniversary

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW YORK – With 2017 marking the 525th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’…

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Poetry meets thriller in a crime-fighting adventure through Manhattan Award-winning poet Aaron Poochigian releasing novel in verse, ‘Mr. Either/Or’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FRESNO, Cal. – Never cosied up to modern poetry? Loved choose-your-own adventures…

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JKS October Newsletter

Read the latest newsletter featuring our award winning authors and industry news. This issue features…

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10 Cookie Things You Need to Celebrate October’s National Cookie Month

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Well dear reader, it’s National Cookie Month, and we’ve been concocting this…

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Planning your book promotion before you publish

Technology now gives independently published books quality to equal that of major publishing houses, and…