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How Much Is Enough Book Publicity?

I’m asked all the time: How much should I publicize my book? How much should…

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3 Tips on creating a successful book event

It’s every author’s nightmare, and every bookseller’s and publicist’s too: The bookstore is brightly lit,…

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Top 10 Tips for New Authors

10 Things Every First-Time Self-Publishing Author Should Know I love late night talk shows. (I’m…

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Things I Wish I’d Known Before Becoming a Writer

Hmmmm…I could talk for days about this. But I’m gonna just stick with my top…

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2016 JKS Communications Authors-in-Residence Announced!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Suspense novelist Jenny Milchman, YA author Martina Boone named 2016 JKS Communications…

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Three Reasons To Hire A Book Publicist

DIY book publicity is a given. As an author, you must work tirelessly to promote…